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About LEPIN Foundation and LEPIN StarWars.com

LEPIN was founded early 90th, started with wooden blocks and bricks HongKong and China market; with the growth of China industries, LEPIN started a toy manufacturing base at Chenghai, Shantou and still dedicated for blocks and bricks; the production line of LEPIN was increased from the wooden blocks to molding bricks; of course, as of today, LEPIN still keeps the wooden blocks production line for different markets.

What LEPIN’s Believe:

LEPIN believes in Lu Ban, China’s famous carpenter, engineer and inventor, who had changed the life style and efficiency for farmers and soldiers in old days. LEPIN believes the origins of China’s wisdom and cultural development, the only use of wood, as early as 7000 years ago appeared tenon structure, even more than the history of Chinese characters even earlier, between a tenon and one dirct, a turn between the twists and turns , Built thousands of years of Chinese wood culture., we can build and invent more and better bricks and blocks for not only starwars, super heros from movies, city street, but we can also invent more blocks for human being to company the growth generation by generation. With these years growth of LEPIN, we have been improved our precision on many sides, like SLA, production, assembly kits and engineering, which makes LEPIN’s bricks and block steady, easily to assemble and makes LEPIN suitable to kids, women and men; LEPIN helps you on concentration by blocking up these toys.

Building Blocks

There is almost no such product as a building block, so can inherit and popularize China’s wooden culture, especially between the marketplace and the child, trace the history, describe the present and look forward to the future.


LEPIN’s goal is to produce the most competitive bricks and blocks in the world that everyone in the world can enjoy the fun of brick and block, practise your coordinating abilities between your brain and fingers. LEPIN would never produce a set of bricks or blocks kit with the price you can not afford and you need to save the money for better life, not spend so much money for your hobbies. LEPIN have new products every year and if you are a fan, you should follow us and let’s bring the adventures back to life with the bricks and blocks from your hand.


Little White Dragon aspires to be the historical dragon of China’s building block culture. In the infinite creative world built by small squares, it promotes and develops China as a successor to the creation and promotion of Chinese-style children’s puzzle.
Little White Dragon’s social responsibility is to inherit skills and influence the future responsibility for the development of history.


Leading China’s Building Block Culture
Business Areas:
Building on the Movies, Adventures, Building Blocks and Expanding to the Educational, Cultural and Recreational Industry
Enterprise Mission:
Produce the cheapest brick sets with HIGH and safe quality, make everyone in the world to enjoy the fun of blocks; make Lepin bricks collectable.
Global Market Implications:
Published in China’s New Third Board Innovation Units with continuous development abilities in modern toys for children.



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