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Q: Is this original LEPIN bricks and blocks?

A: Yes, we provide only original LEPIN bricks and blocks with no missing parts.

Q: Do you sell Lego brick and block sets?

A: No, we do not sell Lego brick and block sets, but only LEPIN.

Q: Your price is cheaper than other sites, WHY?

A: We are a subsidiary of LEPIN factory, an office, not a dealer or distributor that they already have the margins. We leave the margins to all of our customers for better shopping experiences.

Q: How do you pack and ship your product?

A: All of our LEPIN products are packed in the color printed corrugated box, you can refer to “SHIPPING” for an example of our package and shipping. Only LEPIN factory can provide the package like this and if you are buying LEPIN from some place without the original LEPIN package, you probably purchased the used LEPIN or LEPIN with missing parts. Please also be careful with the material safety as well.

Q: What kind of material do you use for your LEPIN products?

A: 100% virgin ABS, no re-grounded and none-toxic material with accuracy of +/-0.1mm tolerance of assembly for all bricks and blocks.

Q: Do you have any certifications of your LEPIN products?

A: Yes, we can provide ROHS certification from SGS and report if you need it specially. CE can be provided for European market only.

Q: Can I trust LEPIN Starwars.com for payments?

A: Your payment is always safe because you are paying us by PayPal or Credit Card; our site is Norton, McAfee, Truste and Verisign secured sites for payments.

Q: Are your LEPIN bricks and blocks compatible with other brands?

A: Yes, most gears of LEPIN are compatible.

Q: Why do I need to choose LEPIN starwars.com?

A: First of all, our price is only 1/10 comparing; secondly, we provide original LEPIN without missing parts, more precise and safe on parts and material; third, fast delivery by DHL, 5-7 days and 1-2 days for handling; forth, full category of bricks and blocks you can find here.

Q: Do you accept global shipping?

A: Yes, we accept global shipping and we will provide you the best suggestion shipping method based on your order quantity by AIR, EXPRESS, OCEAN or TRAIN; our sales specialist will provide you the advice based on your actual order quantity. Please contact us at info@lepinstarwars.com when you need to order large quantity.

Q: What ages is LEPIN suitable?

A: LEPIN is suitable for kids over than 5 years and of course, LEPIN is suitable for adults who is the fan of LEPIN, LEGO, DUPLO, DECOOL, GUDI.


Lego is one of the great topics of shopping on bricks and blocks. We receive a lot of questions and you will find the answer here. Whoever has Lego at home or wishes for his children at Christmas knows that the prices range from $10 to $700. The price of course depends on the number of pieces in the package and the complexity of the kit, but still the price is quite high on the toy. We will introduce you to the alternatives of the Lego from LEPIN STARWARS and it will be up to you, which option you choose. In the next section you will find tips for finding Star Wars, Minecraft, Friends, Frozen, Ninjago, Simpsons, Avengers and more.


The LEPIN brand has surprised us very much because it is compatible with the original Lego, which is its great advantage. You can find many of your own models with this brand, but it also has models inspired by LEGO. Just try it it and you will see that there is no big difference in the construction kit. Would you be able to tell which kit is LEGO and which LEPIN?

How is the LEPIN kit packaged? Supplied with instructions?

When you buy the LEPIN kit and open it, you will find out that all pieces are well packed in color box. The kit is always supplied with a user guide that will help you build the kit step by step. We attach a sample of this kit.

The instructions are very similar to the LEGO kit. They can be easily understood.


The DECOOL kit has high-quality bits and mechanical components. However, its disadvantage is that some of its parts are not compatible with the LEGO or LEPIN brand. On the other hand, these kits are fun and interesting.


Další možností je koupě značky GUDI. Tato značka je kompatibilní se značkou LEPIN, ale i LEGO. Pokud se Vám zdá značka LEPIN drahá, tak GUDI je ještě levnější, ale velmi nízká cena se může podepsat na kvalitě stavebnice. Balení je velmi podobné jako u stavebnice LEPIN viz ukázka na obrázku níže. Pokud tedy hledáte ještě levnější variantu, než je LEPIN, tak GUDI je ta správná volba.

Another option is buying a GUDI brand. This brand is compatible with both the LEPIN brand and LEGO. GUDI is even cheaper than LEPIN, but the very low price can be signed on the quality of the kit. The packaging is very similar to the LEPIN kit shown in the picture below. So if you’re looking for an even cheaper option than LEPIN, then GUDI is the right choice.


The DUPLO kit is suitable for smaller children because it is mostly made up of bigger pieces so that they can not be inhaled by the child. The offer includes animals, farms, ambulances, police stations, castles, trains and lots of well-known characters. It matters only to the child’s imagination how to win the kit. These kits are suitable for children from 1 to 3 years of age and help them to develop a motorcycle while building blocks on top of each other.

The most popular kit

Teď když jsme si prošli jaké různé značky stavebnic můžete na LEPIN STARWARS koupit, tak nás čeká ještě výběr těch nejoblíbenějších. Mezi velmi populární stavebnice patří Star Wars, Minecraft, Friends, Frozen, Ninjago, Simpsonovi, Avengers a další. Jestli Vás zajímá, kde si tyto stavebnice objednat, tak pokračujte ve čtení článku.


StarWars lovers can find really anything on LEPIN STARWARS. For example, one of the most famous characters in the movie, Darth Vader, the mighty ruler of the dark side or the wise Master Jody or the cute robot ASTRO-DROID BB-8. There is also spacecraft such as the legendary Millennium Falcon or Poe’s X-Wing and many others.


If you’re saying that you do not know what Minecraft is, try to ask your kids. It’s one of the most popular computer game that is now running. If you do not want to play this game just on your computer, it’s definitely a good idea to get is a Minecraft kit. There are lots of characters, multi-story houses, waterfalls, animals, etc.


The Friends kit is designed more for girls who love this kit. Figurines live in a beautiful town with lots of animals, shops, homes for housing, so there are many options how children’s can play. Little girls can make up for hours and full of joy.

Frozen (Ledové království)

Who would not know the animated tale the Frozen. This fairy tale is famous for girls and boys. At LEPIN STARWARS you will find plenty of beautiful castles and figurines for this theme.


Co je vlastně Ninjago? Ve světě Ninjago najdete tajemný svět rostlin, zvířat a hlavními postavami jsou ninjové. Ti jsou velmi rychlí, mrštní, skáčou po střechách a vlastní hodně zbraní. Hlavními postavičkami jsou Kaie (Ninja ohně), Jay (Ninja blesku), Cole (Ninja země) a Zane (Ninja ledu).  Na odkazu níže najdete různé postavičky nebo stavebnice.

What is Ninjago? In the world of Ninjago you will find the mysterious world of plants, animals, and the main characters are ninjas. They are very fast, leaping, jumping on the roofs and owning a lot of weapons. The main characters are Kaie, Jay, Cole and Zane. Refer to the link below to find different characters or kits.


Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Itchy, and Scratchy, these are characters from the popular animated Simpson series. At LEPIN STARWARS you can buy the entire Simpson House including all the characters, cars for garden accessories. If you do not want to order the whole house, you can only order a set of Simpson’s figurines.

Avengers and other action figures

Are you looking for action figures such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Avengers, Hulk and many more? The great selection for great prices can be found in the link below. Figurines are really nice and funny.

If you have more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for an answer at info@lepinstarwars.com any time or use the CONTACT US menu.


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