5-7 Days Global Shipping - Default with Original LEPIN Package(Leave a note if you do not need it to get $5-$40USD refund)




You will receive a shipping confirmation, shipping service provider (UPS, FedEx, DHL or China. Postal Office, or others, depending on the quantity and item you would purchase on our site) and tracking number(s) via email when your order is shipped by LEPIN STARWARS.  Once your shipment(s) has been scanned by the shipping provider at the local hub, you can use the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation to track the progress of your shipment.  Below are tracking links for a few of the more popular shipping service providers:

If for some reason you cannot track your package or need assistance, please contact us via e-mail info@lepinstarwars.com.

LEPIN STARWARS provides multiple shipping options through several trusted service providers. Whether you want your new LEPIN product shipped to your home, business, or want to pick it up at a store, LEPIN STARWARS will make sure that your product arrives safely and in a timely manner.

Packing With Original LEPIN Color Box:

Your LEPIN always has the original color printed packing box from LEPIN STARWARS, not like others who are packed everything in a carton, messed up all parts together. Without original LEPIN packing box, you are not guaranteed the bricks and blocks you get are from LEPIN with 100% virgin ABS, none-toxic raw material; probably from the sub-contractor with re-grounded material or package with missing parts, no safety or precision guaranteed. Please always check this when you place an order from other sites if you can have an original LEPIN packing box, this is to ensure the precise assembly of LEPIN and original LEPINs.

How we package the bricks and blocks, no matter how small or big the items are:

Be careful with the package like below:


About Importing VAT Buyers Need to Know:


A lot of buyers have questions about the VAT and how much he would need to be paid if they buy the Lepin bricks from https://lepinstarwars.com/; we would like to make an explanation for this part for all buyers’ reference.

When ship the goods by DHL, the shipper can select the duties/taxes be paid by Receiver or Shipper, see the Airway Bill of DHL as below and most sellers from Aliexpress would select Receiver in order to save the overall cost. We, lepinstarwars.com pre-pay the duties and taxes for 99% countries unless the specific country has very unique requirements on the importing VAT tax.

VAT Rate:

-. Under 22 Euros for free VAT, over 22 Euros, the VAT is 20% for Europe Countries

-. Under 200USD for free VAT, over 200USD, the VAT is 17% for United States

If the VAT can not be avoided by our side (we mean 99% are pre-paid by us, see above), we also adjust the commercial value as low as possible per customs guideline that buyers only need to pay very limited tax. When you buy it from Aliexpress, the VAT always needs to be paid based on the order value you paid online because each shipment from warehouse is handled by our employee manually, not the 3rd party and we always choose the best way to save more money for buyers who buys Lepin from our website.

All of our packages are included:

1. Original Color Box & Manual

2. 100% Safe & Virgin ABS Materials

No sellers on Aliexpress are included these 2 very important aspects; we do not want to judge the Lepin is used or not if it has no Original Color Box; but one thing for sure:

-. Without Original Color Box: The ship cost is cheaper $10-40USD based on the weight and size; this is because the volume with original Lepin color box is larger than the actual weight for Lepin bricks.

-. It is always good for you to have the Original Lepin Color Box for gift or re-sell; if you really do not need to color box, contact us by email and we will refund you $10-40USD per order.

Overall, you are saving more to buy from us than buy from Aliexpress and if you have more questions, we are always here to answer your questions in 4 hours.


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